Quality Accommodation in La Manga

La Manga del Mar Menor is a Spanish resort town in Murcia. The La Manga Strip is a strip of land 19km by 100m wide (average). La Manga, Spanish for sleeve, is a strip of land which separates the Mediterranean Sea from the Mar Menor . It has very many hotels, shops, bars, clubs and restaurants and the Zoco area which is popular with the younger crowd. The geographical layout has become a symbol of the coast of Murcia as a tourist resort: a chain that stretches along approximately 24 km from Cabo de Palos to the Punta del Mojón, and is the natural limit of the salt water lake known as the Mar Menor.

Originally, what is now known as La Manga del Mar Menor was a bay open to the Mediterranean; at either end, volcanic reefs gradually held back the sand and sediment that was dragged along by the sea currents to form a sandy column of dunes and rock vegetation and long beaches in contact with two seas: the Mediterranean and the Menor. La Manga is a narrow piece of land with a width that varies between 30m and 500m. It is cut off by natural channels that keep the two seas in contact with each other; the so-called golas allow water from the Mediterranean into the lake. As such, the space was untouched until the 60s, when La Manga was discovered as a tourist resort and underwent a transformation which included the accommodation and urbanisation of the area and the construction of tourist infrastructures.

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